Tutorial On How to lock Android Apps Using DU Speed Booster

Another pleasant day to all, today's post is all about passwording your apps. Like we all know we have to be very conscious about what we do online and who will give our smartphone to after making updates or important transaction using our phones. They said prevention is better than cure. In our life we have secret we won't let anyone to know about also our smartphone needs privacy.
In other to do this there are some certain apps we need to make unaccessible even to our family members or friends since we know how's sensitive does apps are and how important and vulnerable they can be to access and make defiant and suspicious operation with and this bring us to how to lock android apps with Du speed booster.

Du speee booster is an app that booster CPU of smartphones, alert us of suspicious and malicious apps and also detect high rate of power consumption of smartphones and fix them with ease.

Without much talks, let's look at the some of the function of Due Speed booster
Just like I have mention above, let's look at some major function of the app.
๐Ÿ‘‰ It detect high rate of some apps consuming power
๐Ÿ‘‰ increase or Boost speed of processor
๐Ÿ‘‰ improve Ram to fix slow running of android UI
๐Ÿ‘‰ fix bugs

This app is a must have for every smartphones.

How to lock Apps Using DU Speed Booster
Our major concern for this post is to look apps using Due Speed booster using pattern not necessary all apps but the most sensitive and important ones to keep it away from malicious use without your permission.

First you need to download DU SPEED BOOSTER HERE

After downloading install and launch the app.

Go to home tab.

After clicking on home tab. You will see some list of options to select from and you will see APPS LOCK

Select Apps lock and view a host of apps on your phone

Look closely beside the apps name and you will see a padlock symbol

Select as many as you want to lock the apps and ensure you don't over do. As suggested only important apps you wish to lock.

Now click on Done and it will take you to draw your pattern

Draw a pattern you will easily remember as tidious and implicated patterns is not advisable.

Boom! You are done..

To change your pattern. Go to home tab

After that select Apps lock

Then All your Apps will be displayed. On the left hand side click on it then you see

1. Change pattern
2. Settings


Draw your pattern  and make sure it the one you could remember easy.

You will get a successful message.
NOTE: It is important we keep vital apps with useful secret just As we have secret, our vital apps also need secrets. So with the above step you could lock imporant apps of your choice.

Recovery option to retrieve your forgotten pattern are now easy and simple.. But do ensure you use pattern you can easily remember.

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