4 Essential Things To Do Before Selling Your Android Phones

Are you stock inbetween thought of what to do before you sell your android phone?. Do you know that there are things you should try to do before exchanging your phones with a cash? There are privacy options you need to checkmate and also whip storage of your phone database before selling your android phone. The buyer take note of essential things or considered some certain thing if truly the phone has such value for the price of a seller and getting the best price out of your used android phone, you should take certain things into considerations and be pleased you just sold a phone you have been using for long time for a high price.

I compose this article for you to know what are the essential things you should do when you want to sell your android phone.

4 Essential things to Know when you want to sell your Android phone.

1. Clean phone thoroughly
Appearance matters a lot and also speaks much about a thing, place, humans and others things. Now when you decide to sell that android phone but the appearance looks displeasing to the eyes and this certainty will chase away potential buyers. Look at the part of the phone that needs cleaning and you can deep a little mentholated spirit to a cotton wood wood and clean every angles and part of your phone. When you also notice your phone has lot of scars, you can also change it but don't go beyond losing all parts of it phone because those with a good knowledge of phone won't buy a lose or touched phone thinking it will have good under series of screw driver tools.

2. Make backup of all important data.
This is also important when you decide to sell out that phone, it is expected of you to make all necessary backing up of your android data with a PC and a USB cable to save all important data or files on your android phones, other services that also enables you to store data online are google drive which gives uu 15Gb memory storage, dropbox, tool bits and one drive.

3. Make use of "Factory Reset"
It is also essential to make use of factory reset to remove all anonymous or hidden files and also free up your spaces. This makes the phone to look like a brand new phone because you have reset it to default which bring back the manufacturer settings.

To do so go to Settings>>Backup/Reset>>factory data Reset.

4. LastlyRemove External SD card (memory card)
This is base on your choice that is if you want to sell your android phone with your SD card since you have nothing important in it. You can as well format it to remove all stored data like videos, images, doc files e.t.c

Note: if you purchase a phone from certain phones manufacturer and you want to sell it to buy another one, take your receipt along and head straight to that outlet, you can select any other product from them and add some amount to get an upgraded phone e.g tecno.

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