8 Amazing Gmail Tips and Tricks

 Gmail is widely use by most businesses across the world. It help to send and recieve important files instantly over a long distance and also get important messages to be stored for future purposes. How effective do you know how to use a gmail account and its important element? This will give you some insight on how to effectively use your gmail account. I have composed this post to let you know 8 Amazing Gmail tips and tricks.

1. A Good Inbox organization of  emails

A good gmail inbox helps you to organize your email for you. Gmail has the full ability and perfect function to built-in, but it needs a work on your part which you have to do. Gmail will help you learn how to organize many email, but only if you set an example. How? All you can do is to make sure You move emails to the three boxes on your own preference using regular box, and Spam box and as well priority box.

Steps in Organizing Your Emails
πŸ‘‰ Open an email in your Gmail app by Tapping the three-dot indicated on menu icon From the drop-down menu you can see.

πŸ‘‰ you can "Mark important" and as well "Mark as not important" or Report spam and keep doing this to organize your mails

2.  Disabling sender profile images

The profile icons in the Gmail app can make things look very attractive and pleasing as images speaks more words, but atimes  it just show up as a colored circle with a letter inside you will always see that and are different in colour.  Why not turn them off completely? This will allow you to see more of an email before opening it up which is better and faster.

How to disable Gmail profile images
πŸ‘‰ Tap and Open Gmail
πŸ‘‰ Swipe to the left to go toSettings
πŸ‘‰ Tap General settings and Uncheck Sender image, you are done.

3. Less reply, set up an automated response

If you’re going set an automated reply from email for a while, but don’t want people to think you’re ignoring their emails, you should set up a an automatic responder. This will send an automated reply to any email you receive during a pre-defined timespan and this really helps.

How to set automated Response.

πŸ‘‰ Open Gmail account.

πŸ‘‰ Swipe in the from the left to go toSettings

πŸ‘‰ click by tapping the desired email account.

πŸ‘‰ Click by Tapping Vacation responder First,

πŸ‘‰ Enable it by flipping the switch

πŸ‘‰ Choose the desired timeframe and Fill in the subject of the mail and message then Tap Done

4. Attach files directly from Google Drive

Gmail is a Google product you would expect great integration with other Google products like Google Drive. Gmail works especially well with Google Drive because both are Google products. Sending attachments can be a huge pain, but with Google Drive integration it’s much easier and faster. You can attach files from your Drive with the Gmail app on your device.

How to Attach Google Drive files.

πŸ‘‰Open Your gmail and click by Tapping the floating pencil button to compose a new email

πŸ‘‰ click by Tapping the paperclip icon to attach a file

πŸ‘‰ Select your desired file to Insert from Google Drive

πŸ‘‰ our Drive folders will be displayed. Simply tap an item to send it Your recipient will be able to download the file from Drive.

5. You can Save attachments directly to Google Drive

Google Drive is also useful for saving attachments you receive. It allows you to download an attachment directly to your Drive instead of downloading it to whichever device you’re using. This is very handy for accessing attachments anywhere and anytime.

How To Dave Attachment to Drive

πŸ‘‰ Open Your Gmail and find an email with an attachment.

πŸ‘‰ Your attachment should have a download icon and a Google Drive icon on it.

πŸ‘‰ Click by Tapping the Drive icon and it will automatically be sent to your Drive

6. Easy To Send Hangouts message or video chat from an email

Another way Gmail integrates with other Google products is Hangouts and Google+. If you recieve an email from someone with a Google account there is a good chance you can send them a message on Hangouts or do a video call with them right from the Gmail app and this saves a lot of time using other means

How to send Hangout video Chat

πŸ‘‰ Tap or  Open an email in GmailTap the sender’s profile icon, A card will pop up with information pulled from GoogleYou should see the option to Send a Hangouts message and a video chat button

πŸ‘‰ If the person is already in your contacts you’ll probably see even more information about the person.

7. See all your accounts in one stream

Now that you have all your email accounts in one app you can combine all the inboxes to see all of your emails in one stream. Once you have multiple accounts, Gmail or otherwise, added to the app you should see “All inboxes” in the app and its show up in the menu. Simply tap on it to see all of your emails in one stream. To switch back to an individual account tap on “Inbox” or tap on the profile icon you’d like to see.

8. Archive or Delete an email from the notifications

When you get an email with the Gmail app there are a couple of quick actions you can take from the notifications. If the notification isn’t already expanded simply pull down on it with two fingers, you should see the option to Archive or Reply to the email. Archiving an email removes it from your inbox, but doesn’t totally get rid of it. If you’d rather delete the email entirely you can change the quick action.

How to Achieve and Delete Email Notifications

πŸ‘‰ Open Your Gmailan swipe in from the left side and go to Settings

πŸ‘‰ from the menu click by Tapping General settings while tapping Gmail default action and choose Archive or Delete

With this tips and tricks above, you can now be able to use your gmail effectively.

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