Comment Tab Not Showing On Blogger Dashboard? How To Fix

Everyday we tend to learn new things, new idea and that one of those factor human should keep in mind, the day you stop learning, then there is a big problem. So As bloggers you need to get your blogging tools and test new things entirely. To be a successful blogger, you must be versatile in all related niche to your niche in the blogging world.
One thing I just learnt is not a common one as such, After opening an account on blogger with blogger profile to manage my blog, I realized that comment is not showing on blogger dashboard and this will affect the user experience of your readers if not immediately fixed and checked. A reader on this blog conmented on a page and having being notified I can't see the comment likewise don't know what the reader want to communicate with me about which maybe of importance.

Getting my blogging tools and as well google which is your friend, i search on the possible effect and behold it was effective and a perfect solution.


I will be straight forward and to the best of your understanding, To fix this follow the steps below;

Login to your blogger dashboard settings. Locate post, comments and sharing.

Locate the comment location on your dashboard and select embedded.

Click save. You are almost done if you can't find the comment box on your post page on blogger, the above step is for you.

To the main point at hand

Below the comment location, you will find Google + comment and a link will be provide for you to switch to google + homepage.

You will be required to fill in your personal details to set up google profile. After a full verification from google +, switch to using google plus as your user profile not blogger profile and click save.

6. Select Anyone as readers who can comment on your blog and click on No to change google word verification that hinders easy comments on post.

Select NO in the " Use google + comment on this blog"

Ensure you save your settings and refresh your blog to see changes.

After taking the above steps, you will be able to see readers comment, this will make your blog looks for professional.

Thus, this situation might be rear, only those who use blogger profile to manage their blogs do experience such.

If you have any question, drop them in them comment section below.
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