Five Useful Tips To Make your Laptop battery last Longer

Some useful tips you need to get your computer battery last longer, following my observations and research and deep through investigation why some laptops battery don't last long, I decided to share this to reader so useful tips in making your Pc/Laptops battery have a long life span and if duely followed then you will enjoy your battery without planning to get another one since your budget doesn't tally for it yet.

Well this is my experience and it is also among the useful tips I will be sharing to you for making your laptops battery last longer than you think. It saddens my heart how I did killed my battery all by myself and doesn't want you to also get into it, cause killed your original factory battery is painful because getting a new one of such will be so expensive. Anyway I actually killed my battery with excessive PC games and playing such games till my laptop battery eventually off. Ridiculous I did all that unknowingly to me that I am damaging and shortening the life span of my battery.

Five Useful Tips To Make your battery last Longer.

1. Avoid excessive Charging
This is one of the most important tip of making your batter last longer. Don't always put your laptops battery plugged in to avoid over charging which will adversely have effect on contributing to  damaging your laptop battery. After a full charge, alwsy ensure to keep your battery unplugged from power source as this will make your battery a long lasting one.

2. Put your battery in power saving mode
This is also very essential in making your battery last longer, to put your battery in a power saving move, on the task bar click on the battery icon and make sure it in a power saving mode. If your running gaming, edits picture on Corel draw and other exe file and also watching videos this pose a faster drainage in battery which you won't notice.

3. 20%? Plugg it fast.
Stop using your laptop battery when it get to 20% or below, this makes the battery to drain more faster on that level. If your out of power source, it is advisable to turn off your laptops whereas failing to do so will reduce the capacity of your laptop battery.

4. Make Provision for large Ram
Yes, also it is also very very important to make provision for large rams as all files are saved on it and you could retrieve it faster but when you decide to use an hard drive, this make your laptop battery drain very fast and you notice excessive heating of laptop battery and hard drive.

5. Unplugged Peripherals That are not needed.
Unused peripherals like webcam and hard drive should be unplugged if not in use which makes your laptop battery last longer, cables from the laptop to the peripheral drain laptop battery even when not in use so in other to avoid this, make sure you unplugged your peripherals after use.

With this few tips above, you will be making your laptop battery a healthier and a long lasting one. Is this tip useful? Add yours

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