How To Hide And Retrieve Your Files On Android Phone

Do you know you can easily make your files hidden on your android phones without even downloading any third party apps or moving your files to a PC or external hard drive. In this tutorial you will get to learn how to hide or make any file hidden on your androd phone. It is not a new trick as such and aren't difficult to implement. It is one of the easiest method you can use to hide your files and other important save doc on your Android phone.

You can keep certain important files away from unauthorized person if you either give them your phone or in cases of stolen or lost Phones, the unauthorized person will not be able to access these files. Files make include important documents, videos, confidential files or images.

If you make hidden of these files on your android phone, then you won't name able to access them from their default storage path. Either images in gallery, music In music library or music player and as well other documenting their default storage location.

How to Hide your files on Your Android phone.

To hide your files, Follow the below steps.
1. Click on file manager from the menu. Then go to either phone or memory card storage.
Hidden or retrieve files

2. By the top right click on the three (3) dotted lines for android version 5.1 upward or left click touch button on KitKat and below

3. Click on show hidden files.

Hide or retrieve file

4. Create a new folder and rename it to your desired name in which you want to use to hide all your files.

5. Now move all your files you want to make hidden to the above folder created

6. Before it can be make hidden, go to the folder, highlight it and click rename. A popup will appear then in front of the name include a dot (.) And click ok.

7. Tap the three (3) dotted lines or left click touch button and tap hide hidden files to make it hidden permanently.
                       Hidden or retrieve files

How to Retrieve Your  files On Android Phone

1. Click on the three (3) dotted lines or left click touch button, then you will see show hidden files and then click on it.

2. Rename the folder by removing the dot (.) Before the folder name.
Hidden or retrieve files

In conclusion
The dot added before the folder name makes the file hidden and prevented from unauthorized persons so you don't bother who you give your phone to when you have important files on it and also when it got stolen. Though if your phone is stolen retrieving it back will be very difficult that is why it important to backup your files using either google drive, one drive, google + and even gmails as attachments.

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