How To Recieve/Send SMS, Apps Notifications From Android To PC

Do you know you can recieve android notifications on Your personal computer? Yes you can, in this tutorial I will be sharing you every tips you need to know. Our Smartphones are design in such a way that it keep us in updates whenever we receive a new text message either email or any updates alot of  applications like facebook, twitter e.t.c we have on our smartphones. While we keep hanging our phones in pockets or within reach and checking notifications can be a bit of a lousy and hassle which may distract us from our various activities, this makes what you’re doing and to stop and turn  your phone on to check the notifications you have. I know it takes process only takes a few seconds, but most of the notifications atimes does not worth opening them.

To save  time for more important things you need to show up your tech ability, so i will be giving so basic tips to send your smartphones notifications from any device like android phone  to your personal computer.

Sms, call and nofications

How To Receive/Send SMS, Apps Notifications From Android To PC.

With the steps below, you will be recieving and replying to text message from your android to your personal computer.

1. You need to Download and Install Pushbullet. This is for both Android click HERE and computer Click HERE

2. Install the apk and exe file extension and make Pushbullet up and running after installation.

3. Pushbullet will be able to operate as an independent app for Windows, but there are also Firefox and Opera extensions which offer the similar function for Windows and Mac computers.

Note: We suggest installing the windows app, nevertheless the browser may be the only options for users who have a personal computer.

4. After installing Pushbullet, you will have to sign or login using a Google account or Facebook account.

How To Configure Pushbullet For Notification

To make your Android notifications to appear on your computer, you will turn the feature on the menu and configure just  a few settings.

Go to Menu >> Notification Mirroring  and switch on the Notification Mirroring toggle icon appearing to the on position you want. It will prompt a system setting page which will be displayed and you get a notification that will ask you to give Pushbullet access to your device’s notifications which you have to enable by Switching the toggle to the “on” position and then tap “Allow.” and your set to receive your android notification of your personal computer.

Note: you can decide which notification you want to receive from a sender. It simple just select the app and you will be moderating who you get your android nofications from

How to configure pushbullet for Sending and receiving SMS

Pushbullet will make you to view all your SMS history and reply to incoming texts from your computer.  It is also used to composed text and send to various contacts all from your computer.

How to configure pushbullet for Sharing files

Pushbullet is also design in such a way that it allows file sharing system built right in. On your Android, you can add Pushbullet into the Android share feature in the app by Just taping the share link within any Android app and you will see and notice your Pushbullet devices listed then further you are to  Select the device displaying in which you want to send the file or link to and the content will be send immediately to Pushbullet on that device.

Also From your personal computer, you can share files to your Android device as well by Right-clicking on the file you want to transfer, move your mouse over Pushbullet and then select your desired device you want to move the file to. You are done and this is done in less that some seconds as it is very fast.

Is this tutorial helpful? Let's us know your thought about pushbullet for sending and receiving SMS and app notification.

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