How To Transfer Airtime On Mtn, Etisalat, Glo And Airtel

Not all Transfer USSD code you would remember if you Decide to do an airtime transfer to someone. This will serve as a reminder if you want to transfer either MTN, ETISALAT, GLO and AIRTEL Credits.

You will learn how to transfer airtime using ussd codes to the above mention networks. Let's take a look on how to go about it.


Let look at MTN, the default pin for airtime transfer is 0000 but you need to register for a new pin as it serves as a secret pin for you any time you need to transfer airtime to some. Keep it a secret so no one can use it to transfer your airtime easily.

How to change your pin.
You will need to send in an SMS 0000 5555 5555 to 777. Your new pin is 5555 but it just an example so change 5555 to your desired pin. You will recieve a successful confirmation message that pin changed.

To change pin via USSD code
Dial *601*old pin* new pin* new pin# e.g *601*0000*5555*5555# then send.

How to transfer Airtime.
Dial *600*destination number*Amount#. To transfer airtime via SMS text Transfer(space)Recipient number(space)amount(space)pin then send.

You will need to confirm your action by replying YES to 777 .

How to transfer Airtime on Etisalat
To send airtime on etisalat locate etisalat service on your phone menu but the smartphone users, open simtool kits on your mobile phone and navigate through options to Airtime transfer and use 0000 when asked for security code. Next is to enter the amount followed by recipient's number.

To transfer using USSD code.
Dial *223* pin*amount*phone number#.
Note: you must have at least #10 to make it to work.

How to transfer Airtime on Glo
To transfer airtime on glo, you must activate GLO Me2u to enable this feature. In an SMS send ACT to 131 and you will get a reply to change pin/password which you keep using anytime you want to transfer airtime.

How to change GLO me2u password
Dial *123*00000*new pin*new pin#
E g *123*00000*3333*3333#. Your password must be just 4 digits.

To Transfer Airtime on Glo network
Dial *131* recipients phone number*amount*pin#. For example *131*70554689xx*200*1234#. The glo recipient number must not include the first number which is 0. It either 7 for 070 or 8 for 080.

You will receive a message to confirm press 1 and to cancel transaction press 2.

  Airtel me2u enables subscribers to freely transfer airtime from one Airtel line to another.

How to Transfer Airtime on Airtel
Using SMS method send 2u(space)recipient's number(space)amount(space)pin to 432

E.g 2u 0802345xxxx 300 2334 to 432

To change Airtel transfer Pin/password.
Send in an SMS PIN  old pin new pin to 432

Example PIN 1234 2334 to 432
That is your old pin is 1234 and new is 2334.

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