Introduction: What is Rooting | Advantages And Disadvantages

Have you been hearing about rooting of android devices but you don't know how it works and why you should root your android phones, your in the right place because this post is an indept knowledge of all you need to know about rooting. I will be sharing you all details regarding what rooting is, advantages and disadvantages.
What is Rooting

A friend might just ask you that is your phone rooted and you will be like what is rooting and its benefits? Well enough benefit therein so keep calm while I give you every tips you need to know. When you gets your phone rooted then what this simply means is that you are absolutely in charge of your phone and not the manufacturer. They have claim that rooting your phone has void the warranty but I must say the benefits are more than when you dont and you can as well unroot it later in the future, if so why the heck?

Rooting of ios phone is not advisable and it is called jail breaking. Rooting it will prone the device to so many malicious attack and also its security is higher than android phone which you won't likely find it easy. Unlike android phones that you can install custom recovery plus stock ROM, it entirely different with iOS device after completely breakdown of the phone.

What is Rooting?

Rooting is the process of modify the manufacturer operating system of your android phones and you have absolute control of your device like a manufacturer. It is like being a manufacturer of the phone, there are lots of limitations to the accessibility of the operating system. The name rooting was borrowed from linux operating system and it is the most privilege user of the Linux operator.

Advantages of Rooting.

1. Increase the phone performance and battery life.
One of most benefit of rooting your android devices is that it improves and enhance the performance of your android phone and also increase the life span of your battery. Get two phones, one rooted, one unrooted and compare them in a short time to see the benefits of a rooted phone.
Advantages and Disadvantages

2. Manufacturer updates will Not be available.
Like I said earlier, you will be your own manufacturer after rooting your android phone so no more waiting for updates from a manufacturer, atimes they takes alot of time to release the next updates. Old devices have stop receiving updates from their manufacturer then why waiting for updates. Root your phone and there are lots of custom updates to your taste which you can install on your android phones.

3. Backups
One of the most essential benefit of a rooted device is backup. You don't need to worry about your malfunctioning phone if anything goes wrong. You can backup you contacts, SMS, downloaded apps and other important file on your phone. One most useful app for backup is the titanium backup which is easy to you and it works on rooted device. This helps in auto backups and scheduled on your phone.

4. Huge scope for Apps.
You will get instant access to all your apps which is the administrative privilege. It allows you to have access, copy, manage your apps. This as well enables yoy to download and install apk files from other android market like apkmirror e.t.c without downloading from the famous play store. Costom users can use ROM manager after downloading to install ROMs without flashing all over again.

5. Customized Appearance and themes.
This allows you to install custom fonts on your phone, you can change the appearance by installing a third party launcher although it will slow down the performance of your phone. You can as well install themes which is done by flashing zip files to it recovery.

6. Block Ads in App
Another discouraging usage of the internet is popup ads when searching for a vital information but with rooting of your android phones m, you can be able to block ads with some apps. This works but not in all circumstances and the best option for non rooted devices but is by putting off mobile data connectivity which is annoying or putting it in airplane mode.

7. Total ownership.
This means your now in control of your mobile phones, manufacturers try to stop you from getting almost every access to your phone but rooting your phones makes you in charge and you will defiantly run your phone in no fears.

Others are
๐Ÿ‘‰ Automate Your device.
๐Ÿ‘‰ Over clocking and Underclocking 
๐Ÿ‘‰ Full control of your device.

Disadvantages of Rooting

We all know that in life we have positivity and also negetativity so also applies to rooting.
Just like I mention at the beginning of this post that one disadvantage is voiding the warranty of the phone.
This means whatever happen is at your own risk and nobody will be charged for it.

Another disadvantage is bricking of your phone and this happens when you misused the root access privilege which make your phone not to restart the operating system after getting into bootloop. It can be fixed urgently on version 5.1 lollipop if there is backup so you dobt need to bother.

With this article I hope you have vividly understand what rooting is and its advantages and disadvantages. So ask your questions if any.

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