5 Best Ways To Free More MeMory On Android

This i have encounter before with my smartphone, Mine was as a result of the culprit GB Whatsapp which always lower the internal memory of the smartphone, I was in deep thought on how to stop this because of the "insufficient memory" I usually get when trying to download an app or update an app from playstore. This has also slow down the OS of the phone where it's usually get slow or even hang a times not until I deleted the app data and cache and it free up to 3Gb internal storage, since then my phone have been Running smoothly.
How to free up memory space

Most android smartphones users have at least once seen that notification. This problem of  "low memory space on android phone" either in a phone with no memory card or while trying to update apps on Google play store, downloading or when recording a video.

 I have compose this to give you possible solutions to permanently stop this insufficient memory notification you do get on your android smartphone. With this basic tips you will be able to free up your memory on your phone.

Let look at them briefly

5 Basic tips to free up more memory on Android

1. Delete cached maps. 
Are you always cultivating the habit of caching maps offline in advance when you keep travvelling to remote areas in the world? It is helpful no doubts but it always consume a lot of memory if you have got half the country map galory  saved to your internal storage.

How To Delete Cached Maps
Using Google Maps, go to Offline areas from the main app menu, tap on an area and you will get the option to delete it from your andriod memory.

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 2. Delete synced playlists
Another reason you do get " phone is running out of memory" could be with the different collect of album you have stored on your andriod phone. you can go through the list and delete the ones that you do not need or listen to, which in turn will free up more memory space on your smartphone.

How to delete Synced playlist
Using Google Play Music, you can go to Manage downloads from Settings on the main app menu to view tracks on your device. Tap the orange tick next to any playlist, album or song to remove it from your android smartphone.

 3. Delete browser downloads
If you Do regularly download large files from the web? With Stock Android it offers Downloads app right in the app main drawer, so that you can quickly check what you have got in  and erase anything that are not required which eats up your memory.

How to delete browser downloads
All you need to do is that you will clean the website and history data from your mobile browsers.

 4. Delete Unwanted photos and videos
This is another culprit people pay less attention to if they have important photos and videos that dont want to delete While the easier option to make space on your smartphone would be to go to the gallery app of your choice and just delete some of the images and video clips. However, you may want to retain most of them which can't free up your memory.

How to delete unwanted photos and videos
To do this on Android devices manually, go to Device folders from the app menu, choose a group of pictures, tap the three dots on the menu bar and select Delete to delete the marked photos and video clips you have selected

 5. Delete Android Games you are no longer playing
Often the worst culprits, games eat a lot of space on your device as far as storage goes and also the RAM. While uninstalling apps can remove some space on your smartphone, you should remove apps with large app size to free up more memory space on your device.

How to Check Storage Space of A Game
To check out how much storage each android game utilizes on Android, you can go to Settings and tap on Apps and the whole details of the game will be revealed.

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