8 Best Apps To Block Calls And Text On Android

With some apps, you can block unknown incoming call on you android device. This list of apps are good for blocking both text and calls on android. It can also be used to block calls from people you know but dont want to answer their calls, all id just for you to blacklist their numbers.  Some of these apps are used for both text and call blocking or do just one out of the two, so lets look at these android app.

8 Best Apps To Block Calls And Text On Android

1. BlackList Apk

This app can block both texts snd calls. Just easy to operate, as the nsme suggest, you can blacklist numbers you dont want and also when you do that, Any calls you recieved after blacklisting them will be blocked instantly by the app. BlackList has  some great settings you can manipulate.  You can set up a schedule or time for when numbers should be blocked, block all numbers with the tap of a button, and automatically send a text to blocked calls you want.

Download it (HERE)

2. Call Blocker

It can also block call or texts and there are just few different blocking modes you can select from. Creating a blacklist I.e choose the number to block their calls and a whitelist I.e Selecting numbers to pick their calls can be done with this app. Call Blocker also has built-in spam blocking tools that will block things like one-ring phone scams.

Download it (HERE)

3. Call Control

Call Control is another great app that you can use to block calls and texts. It is best for large numbers of blacklisting (community blacklist). This community of over 12 million users has done the work for you. It also has a handy Do Not Disturb (DND) mode for blocking calls and texts for some period or times of the day.

Download it (HERE)

4. Mr. Number 

Mr. Number  (Mr N) is also another popular apps for blocking calls, texts, and also spam from spammers. You can use it to  block entire area codes and countries if you want. The beauty of Mr. Number is  that you wont have to do a lot of work as most of it is done for you without adding stress to its users

Download it (HERE)

5. Safest Call Blocker

It is used for blocking calls and the best thing about this app is that it is lightweight and simple to use with s nice interface. It allows you to quickly and easily create a blacklist. Numbers can be entered manually, or from your call log and contacts. Nice apps, great from the developers.

Download it (HERE)

6. Should I Answer?

Another good app to use to block calls, it only main feature is to giving full details about incoming calls or numbers.  When you receive a call from an unknown or suspected spam number, Should I Answer will display a user rating for the number. This allows you to see if it’s worth answering the phone. It also automatically block calls from unknown or Hidden ID that has poor ratings and also number from your contacts.

Download it (HERE)

7. SMS Blocker (Free)

This is specifically used to block text messages, This app can also block texts that contain phrases you dont want The app also works like true caller but in SMS format which will also automatically block spam without any set-up. In order to use this app, it must be your default messaging app.

Download it (HERE)

8. Truecaller

One of the best app you can use to block calls by just adding a number to a blocklist. This app is very popular and you can see caller ID for unknown numbers. This app also shows the name of a true caller. It blovk calls from spammers and other online marketers automatically giving an edge other other apps.

Download it (HERE)

Just choose any and workout which of the listed apps is best for you.

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