How To Backup Whatsapp Chats, Android Messages And Contacts On Google Drive

Our mobile devices tend to be very importants in our everyday activities because there are some vital informations we do get on dialy basis which are personal or business oriented. It has vital contacts, messages , photos, files, videos, musics and all other important aspect an android has the capabilities to handle. If you don't want to loose all these, it is of immense importance to back up your whatsapp chat, messages, contact, musics, videos, files, photos e.t.cbecause of some tendencies you might loose them from your Android smartphones.

Reasons for Backup

Malware And Virus:
Dangerous malware can attack your phones like trojan virus if you dont have an antivirus install on your phones. These virus can eats deep to your files and destroy all your importsnt files on your phone.

User Can Lose Mobile Device:
Misplacement and damages are bound to happen or also it can be stolen, hence without backing up of your important data on your android phone, you will loose a handful of important data like whatsapp conversation, messages and contacts on your device. It is very important to back up your data on google drive today.

The reasons for backing up your documents, contacts, messages, photos is listed above so you see reason you should do thst now without waiting any longer.

Keep your mind at peace and thinking when you loose important data will be things of the past as you can backup entire phone data in cloud storage.

In cloud storage, it gives a user a better options to make a backup data  and there are lots of cloud storage of similar traits available in the market , either you backup from a window device, iphone or android Smartphone.

How to Backup Whatsapp chats, Messages Contacts on Google drive

Here is what a Google user says when using Google Drive to backup important data;

“In as much as i have been using google drive, i am still in confusion on how to add contacts,messages and call log from my personal android device to google drive. Does anyone know the method to add contacts from android phone to Google Drive?”

Any android user can backup  android messages, contacts and any other data file to Google Drive. Google drive gives up to 15GB free space if am not mistaken and you will secure your data from damages on your phone.

The user can also backup their android phone data in Google account, but this can be done with the help of Google Drive.

You need a Google drive app from play store to backup all your phone data to google drive.

๐Ÿ‘‰ How to Backup android contacts, Messages and call logs  

✔ connect your android phone to a network connectivity either wi-fi hotspot or mobile data

✔ Open your launched google drive app and login into your account screenshoot as seen below:

✔ Click on the plus sign (+) symbol which is located at the buttom right corner.

✔ You can create a new folder to upload your important phone data or upload to existing folder on your google drive account . this method will help you to backup so many things from your android to google drive.

Backup android contacts, backup photos and videos, backup call logs, backup  messages and much more. If a user click pn the upload option, they will be able to access all folders and location of their mobile as how in the screenshot.

How to backup Whatsapp chat on google drive. To use Google Drive for WhatsApp chat backup, follow the steps

Things to consider
✔ User device must be synchronized with Google Drive.

✔ Google Play Services must be installed (Android 2.3.4 and later).

✔ Google Drive account must have enough free space for storing the WhatsApp chat data.

 How To Backup WhatsApp chat in Google Drive:

✔ Open Whatsapp and go to menu and click on settings.

✔ Click on chats and go to chat backup.

✔ Go to Backup to Google Drive and tap on Back Up (Backup will be done immediately).
You will get an alert to select a Google account which google drive will backup the chat history. if a user does not have Google account in that case user can tap on Add account.

✔ Click on the backup over to select the network you will use for backing up. Please note that backing up over cellular may result in additional data charges.

Backup should be done in routine period to make our data kept in safe place and from damages. Through using computer or mobile phone, you should always performba backup of your data. For backup you can either use device or cloud storage. Cloud storage had proven more better to store or keep backup. In this article, it is clear how easily one can backup android phone data in Google Drive which then s  use of  cloud storage.

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