How To Fix Unfortunately App Has Stopped On Android

Annoying you will say when playing a very interesting game or running some good apps on your android device and suddenly you get ‘unfortunately Apps has stopped’ prompting a restart automatically of the app.  Let's use Subway surfer as an instance, in playing this game and you get unfortunately subway surfer has stopped, you know this is very bad bring you back to your first level after you might have reach some peaks in the game.

Getting Unfortunately App Has Stopped means what? This is very bad for both software or hardware of your device. If it is hardware problem, it will have tone taken to a calcare for repairs but if otherwise a software problem then this will be completely stopped with some steps to follow.

How To Resolve Frequent Crashing  Apps on Android Phones

Kindly follow the guides below to fix this.

1. Reboot the Device

Rebooting helps your phone to start functioning smoothly that it wont let your apps kerp crashing frequently. Just offand on thephone but in some cades you are still having the same problem, remove battery and leave for some minutes then restarts.

2. Reinstall the App

If for some reason the app has become corrupted or have other problems that cause frequent crashing you should causing you to uninstall it once by holding on its icon and clicking on the ‘Uninstall’ button which appears. Try and reinstall the app again by checking in the folder snd reinstall it.

3. Try Other Apps

Incases you hsve similar spps and one is giving error when operating, you can just undo with such app and use the default app which works better in addition to letting you enjoy far more features and modes.

4. Perform a Hard-Reset

You can also perform a hard reset if youhsve tried all other method yoyknow but still doesn't work. When you perform hard-reset it takes the phone back to factory settings and erases all data. It is very necessary to backup important documents like music, videos, contacts, pictures and messages.

5. Uninstall Newly Installed Apps

Another way to fix this is to uninstall any new apps recently installed on your Android phones in cases where one app maybe interfering with another and crosscheck whether this resolves your problem.

6. Android Hardware Errors

After trying all these methods but they prove abortive, this signify a hardware problem. Like i mentionearlier, the best option is to take it to a calcare centre and get it fix.

Note: Taking your Smartphone to a calcare should be done wisely, ensure you explain the problem to them so they can fix what is actually wrong and not compounding extra problems to it.

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