How To Fix Wi-Fi Problem On Samsung Galaxy S7/S7 Edge

You might be facing some wifi problems and difficulties using them causing bad user experience. Samsing Galaxy S7 might not just want you want to enjoy with various problems surfacing lately. You gst issue with using Your Wi-Fi? Let solve it out

Like i wrote earlier, here are some possibilities you can do to solve your Wi-Fi problems.

1. You can Turn Wi-Fi off/on
2. By Resettling your router
3. Try to get new software update.
4. Try using another network
5. Check your router settings on your phone.
6. Disable Power saving mode on the phone
7, change your encryption settings on the router
8. Use new router
9. Extenders/repeaters Ranger

Did you turn it off and on again?

Just do as i stated, try off the Wi-Fi and you off your phone, without much time wasting on it back and turn your Wi-Fi on.

Sometimes you just ooverlook how it works but turning it off and on is just whats its needs to start kicking back.

When you have a newly wi-fi router and you have done what you should before picking up your samsung galaxy S7 by testing your internet service provider then maybe your home just isn't Wi-Fi friendly.

As a last resort to fix this and you tried a Wi-Fi extender or repeater ranger may just be what you need. These usually just plug into a power outlet somewhere in your home and within a twinkle of an eye,  they just pick up the Wi-Fi signal and then broadcast it, adding more powerful range to your signal.

Your experience using the Wi-Fi works greater more often with a nearby router? But poor within the comfort of your home? place an extender and your problems may be solved and some of these extenders even help you pinpoint dead spots around the extended router.

There are many to choose from, so check out Window Central's roundup to make sure you get what you need.

If you have encounter this when trying to use your wi-fi and you were able to fix this with another method apart from this, let's know your fix using the comment box.

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