How to Smart Lock your Android Phone Perfectly.

Getting your smartphone secure should be one of those things you should put into consideration which alot of people don't. If you want to keep your smartphone safe from wrong hands then its Required of you to keep your phone safe. When you enable any of the lock pattern, you have done enough but most people find it hassle and not necessary but little things matters most.

How to Smartlock your Android Phone Perfectly.

Using smart lock feature allows you to easily bypass the hassle of lock screen. It was originally a feature on Motorola phones, but tends to work on the core of all Android since the inception of lollipop. After enabling Smart Lock, you can automatically disable the lock screen security when certain conditions are met. You really should be using Smart Lock.

How to Enable Lock Screen Security

Using smart Lock, we will need some type of lock screen security for it to perfectly lock. They ranges from Pattern, Fingerprint and PIN.  Note that the method of the typd of Lock screen does not matter, just decide on your choice. This process for enabling lock screen security is  different from each other base on the manufacturer of every phone. Look for “Screen lock” in Settings >> Security.

These are the lock screen security 

✔ None (means No security)

Pattern Lock Security

✔ PIN Lock Security

✔ Password Lock Screen

If you use a fingerprint scanner, you should set that up as well. Using your fingerprint is usually much faster than the methods listed above.

Smart Lock Methods

After using the above Lock Screen Security, lets look at the five Methods for Android.

Smart Lock consists of 5 different methods of detecting when you’re in a trusted situation. You can use as many of these methods as you want. Some are a lot more useful than others check them out.

Method one: On-body detection

This is a method that uses accelerometer which is an inbuilt into your phone and this will detects if it is in your pocket, bag and hand. To cut the story short,  it will remain unlocked unless it’s placed on a table or desk.

Method Two: Trusted places

This method is very useful, it uses the present location of your phone to know and to detect when you are in a pre-determined “trusted place". or not.

Method Three: Trusted devices

Another useful method ehich help you to unlock your phone when its detects a  smartwatch or Bluetooth speaker when connected. It useful also as you wear your watch every blessed day.

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Method Four: Trusted face

This method sounds cool but doesn’t work that well. It uses the front-facing camera to detect your face every time you turn on your phone. It’s often slower than entering a PIN or pattern.

Method Five: Trusted voice 

Trusted voice? It helps you to use the “Ok Google” commands even if it's been locked. It will only work with your voice.

How to enable Smart Lock

After securing your smart lock and you have also know about the Five methods smart lock, nothing left but you are to enable it. The location of the Smart Lock settings can vary from device to device depending on your maker. If your Settings app has a search function, that will be the best way to quickly find the settings. They should be under the “Security” settings on most of the smartphones running on Android OS.

✔ Open the Settings
✔ Then Go to Security and Select Smart Lock
✔Now (enter your PIN/pattern/password) you choose from the initial lock screen security and Choose one of the Smart Lock methods to Follow the on-screen instructions

Note: Some of the methods will ask for either your PIN/pattern/password only for the first time you unlock your phone after enabling. Next on the lock will be done by smart lock.

Viola your done, and you dont have  to lock your screen each time you just finish operating your phone.

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