How To Tether Mobile Internet To PC Via VPN's

You can share your phone internet connection when using VPN to PC easily. VPN such as Psiphon Handler, syphon shield, Queencee vpn, TweakRed, Tweakware, Xp Psiphon, Spybaze Vpn amongst others.

VPN is only meant to be private because it help to hide your identity online and bypassing Internet service provider firewall. Since its a private network there is no possiblity of sharing it to other device like a friend mobile phone. It is very possible to share your smartphone Hotspot to PC using a normal data subscription but with VPN's it just won't browse.
How to connect

In this post, there are three different apps which you can use to tether Mobile internet Vpn connection to your PC Through USB and Hotspot. The below details are the steps

How To Tether Mobile Internet To PC via VPN's

1. Df Tethering Fix
Do you know DF Tethering Fix? It may not be very much common but it is use to tether mobile internet to PC when using VPN's and to those who are not aware about it here are brief steps how this apps works

It helps yo fix limitations of tethering which is imposed on android and you will be able to use your mobile vpn connection through hotspot. This app needs root access to be able to function well.

Steps On How To Use DF Tethering Fix

Download DF Tethering Fix apk HERE

✔ Launch and Connect your vpn's like Queencee, Psiphon or Tweakware
✔  Enable hotspot feature on your Android smartphone.
✔  Launch the Df Tetheringfix and tap on FIX TETHERING until Tethering Fixed displays

Other Devices devices can connect to your's while surfing

2. PdaNet+
Another good USB tethering app is PdaNet+, this is a software app that helps tether your phone internet connection to PC via USB cable or smartphone mobile hotspot and bluetooth. This works on both rooted device and unrooted device unlike DF Tethering Fix.

Steps on How To Use PdaNet+

Download PdaNET+ HERE

✔  We Have both for android and PC, so Extract PdaNET+ for android, PdaNET+ for PC and FoxFi Key (Ensure You Unzip and open the Zip file you download above).

✔  Install FoxFi Key on your phone to crack PdaNet+
✔  Install PdaNET+ for android device on your phone
✔  Launch PdaNET+ on your phone and Activate USB TETHER by Checking the box.

Note: You are Required to enable USB debugging or check how this is done HERE.

✔  install PdaNET+ for PC on your PC
✔ Connect your mobile Phone via USB cable to your PC

✔ After installing PC version of PDAnet+, open the PdaNET+ and Right click on the icon in the Notification Bar and click “connect to internet”, it will verify and authenticate your connection and until it shows connected.

Note: Ensure you vpns are already connected to the internet before Clicking connect to Internet on your PC

3.  TetherNet
This helps to tether your phone VPN connection such as netloop, psiphon, Tweakware or other VPN's, TetherNet will fix your connection and after fixing it then you will be able to use your connection with your PC or other device. TetherNet works on rooted device just like DF Tethering Fix,

Steps On How To Use Does TetherNet

 Download TetherNet HERE

✔  Launch It and make sure that VPN is connected before you launch the app
✔  Enable hotspot on your Android device and make sure that your PC wireless is connected to your Hotspot
✔  Open  TetherNet app on your Mobile device and click on SHARE VPN CONNECTION
After that, your PC will start to browse and other device connected to your hotspot will start browsing.

This will help you tether your Mobile Internet to PC via VPN's but in bypassing any of these just like it is been mention on the post that some needs root privilege and you may not want to root your phone  yet, I have already composed a post about tether your mobile internet HERE without using any of the above apps.

For any questions, drop them below in the comment box.

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