Methods on How To Decrease Usage of Data While Tethering On Laptops/PC.

Assuming your in a situation where you want to surf the net with little amount of data using a PC, You know this consumes lots of data but today, spybaze blog will share you methods on how to reduce Data usuage while tethering to Laptops and PC  Browser like chrome, Firefox, internet explorer e.t.c . This methods I will share you will reduce data usuage while tethering and you will notice faster connection to the internet.

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Tethering On laptops/pc

Methods on How to Decrease Usage of Data While Tethering  on Laptops/PC.

Everybody likes faster internet connections and when it is fast with limited data in your balance, you will be Glad. Compared to data using mobile, desktops and laptops use a very huge  amount of data while loading websites, because websites contain so many things like  adverts, pictures and clips with very large size, don’t panic in this tutorial you can closed or lock these adverts, pictures and clips and make your PC and desktops use few data will loading or tethering.

Method 1
✔ Enable click to play plugin:

 It enable click to play enable plugins and When this is enabled,  clips or adverts will only be played when you clicked on them or else it won't.  When you enable this, it save a huge amount of data because all of the data is consumed by very large size clips and advert.

How To Enable Click to Play Plugins
1. Using google chrome, go to setting, then Scroll down and click on advanced settings.
2. This will expand and then you are required scroll down for more options on the menu.
3. Tap on contents settings and scroll down to plug-ins. Then click on click to play and you have enable a click to play plugins.

Method 2
Disallow Images to increasely Reduce the Usage of data While Tethering to Laptop and desktops Browsers

How to Disallow Images on Various Browsers
Decrease Usage of Data While Tethering to Laptop/PC Browsers Google Chrome

✔ You are to click on advanced settings in settings option. Then click on content settings to select ‘do not show any images’. This will disallow all images when using chrome browsers.

Method 3
Disallow or Decrease Usage of Data While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers Mozilla Firefox

✔ you are to Click on options, Select content icon and Uncheck the ‘load images automatically’ to decrease usage of data images consumes

Methods 4
Decrease  Usage of Data While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers Opera Web

✔ Go to preferences window and Click on web pages tab and then you will see an images box, there select ”no images” to decrease usage of data on opera web

Method 5
Decrease Usage of Data While Tethering to PC/Laptop Browsers Internet Explorer

✔ You will Click on advanced options then you Scroll down to the multimedia section.Uncheck the ”show pictures” and decrease usage of data using internet explorer.

This methods I have shared to you will enable you to decrease the usages of data on all browsers mentioned above and makes your data last longer when you hunt for such need. Do ensure to share this to your friends and invite them to to learn new tips and tricks..

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