How to Change Keyboard on Android

Changing android keyboard has been one of the oldest method and features of android phone. It has been the only operating system that allows easy changing of keyboard. Although iphone decide to release theirs but cant be comparable with android form of implementation of keyboard. Get keyboard like swift and kika among others. If you have non of these yet then your missing but this post is the ways on how to change keyboard on android, read along.

How do we Go about changing keyboard? Let's install a new keyboard.

Get new keyboards app installed on your phone. There are lots of android keyboard you can install from Google playstore. Make your selection by typing "keyboard in the search bar and get lots of options.  Most people prefer swift keyboard, we have others like kika but you need more simpler keyboard? Google Gboard is just another simple keyboard you can try out

How to Change Keyboards on Android in the Settings [Method 1]

Based on two method we can you in changing keyboard on android but first lets consider the first method, this varied in on how and where you settings app is organized.The key is to find the Language & input section.

✔ Go to settings and scroll down to language and input.

✔ Tap on Select Current keyboard which will display a pop up display in other to select the keyboard you current installed on your android.

✔ Then toggling your new keyboard on and tap on OK the back to you home screen to test if it has been effectively changed.

How to Change Android Keyboards during Usage. 

Method 2

This method 2 is a shortcut basically carried out when your in the middle using your android keyboard and taught of switch. Some keyboard are used to toggle inbetween keyboard by using the "space key"

In another way round when your typing flip down the notification shade while the keyboard is displayed, you will definately see input method, tap it and then sekect the input keyboard you want.

Always note that when using your keyboard you can switch inbetween keyboard from notification shade and by default it is always display there for easy swap.

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