How To Move Android Apps From Phone Memory To MicroSD Card

In other to free your phone memory to run smoothly, there are certain thing to check and put in place like freeing your RAM, Clearing some Apps data and cache e.t.c but in this we are solely concern on how to move andtoid apps to MicroSD card. WlMoving apps to your SD card also help to open more space to install more apps and files and reduces the slow operation of your phone.

The reason for this post is thst older versions of android from 4.0+ to 2.3 jellybean can move their apps easily because it has this inbuilt moving of app option (Move yo SD Card) but kitikat and above doesnt have this option, so there are other ways to move your Android app to MicroSD card for these versions.

How To Android Apps From Phone MicroSD card (2.2 to 4.2 kitikats).

1. You need to click on SETTINGS.

2. Click on APPs and tap on MANAGE APPs, this Will show you the list of your current apps listing.

3. Choose the app you want to move to MicroSD Card and finally click on move to SD Card.

You can start moving your preferred apps till you are done.

How To Move Android Apps From Phone Memory To MicroSD card On 4.2+ and above Using Apk extractor

1. This step is easy, first of all download Apk Extractor Here.

2. Install the apk and then go to file manager on your phone.

3. You will see the folder 'Extracted Apks' hold it by pressing for some seconds and copy to any where on MiscroSD card.

4. Lauch the Extractor apk and hold the apps for some seconds you want to move. It will be extracted successfully

5, Go to  path SDcard>>ExtractedApks folders and see your Apps moved successfully or you can go to your Apk extractor and tap on the left upper three dots and tap on path, you will see your moved Apps there too.

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You are done moving Android Apps From Phone Memory to MicroSD Card.

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