How to Overclock Android Device for Better Performance

Over billions of people all overclock it for better performance  as many factors or attributes can leads to the slowing down of Android speed like the problem of Low RAM or low memory or this can be as a result of virus attacks . identify another major contributor to low speed of your android device is Limited CPU clocking speed and this is responsible for android performance but there are ways to boost this up which is our major focus to be discussed in this post. However it is only done by android users whose inturns has authority over their android phones to be able to overclock it, let proceed how it is being done.

over the world are users of android but one of the major issues faced with android today is the slowing down of their andriod and this continues to decrease with time. Does your android runs slowly? Check out ways to solve this.


What do we mean by over clocking? This means improving (increase) the CPU switch speed than the max. Limit thereby boosting rapidly up your android device. It can also bebdone by some selective android App that is supported on rooted device

Hold on:  CPU overclocking more than the required can Leads to overheating and eventually damage your device permanently. So be very extra careful as spybaze blog is not responsible for what happens thereafter.

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The following are steps to over clock your android device.

1. Firstly, you are required to use a rooted device.

2. If you have a rooted devices or have completdly rooted your device, download and install SetCPU which works for rooted device and after installing launch the app and allow a superuser access authentication.

3. Allow the app to scan the speed of your processor and when it finish processing, balance the minimum and the maximum speed of the CPU of your Android device CPU switching.

Never click the "set to boot" option until you sees an increament in speed because doing that will damage your device.

4 . create profiles for setting times and conditions (intervals) to set SetCPU to over clock itself for boosting processor speed.

 5. For example, you csn set the overclocking time of your androd device to when charging, this can be done using profile. There are other priorities for each profiles you created. Your done, never get a slow android running when the CPU is clocked.

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Like I mentioned earlier, other apps that can be used for over clocking android device CPU speed include;

1 No-frills CPU Control

A magnificent tool to use on your android to set a quick CPU performance frequencies. It permits the use of the higher st frequency on your android and help for FPS in preferred game or choose a low frequency when the android phone is very much idle.

2 Faux123 Kernel Enhancement Pro

Another powerful and useful app that helps to Tweak CPU voltage (for individual/Global). It supplement users to control CPU adjustment for Maximum/minimum, and CPU governor and GPU frequencies in real time.

3 Tegrak Overclock

Tegrak helps to from several CPU frequencies and by so doing controlling the core voltage, internal and external voltage too. A powerful oveclock tool you can try ueing for uptimum performance.

4 Overclock for Android

 How does overclock for android works? It helps to save more battery by conserving and also set various customs profiles. Have full control over your device performance. Control CPU with profiles for charging, time, temperature, battery, a screen on/off and more.

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5. AnTuTu CPU Master

It is another tool for switching  the CPU/GPU speed on a rooted Android Mobile Phone/Pad. It makes use of root access, this CPU master's clock widget display the CPU and stats of your battery and create a better performance in boostering the CPU speed.

These are the ways to overclock your android device for better performance. It will definately work after rooting your device and boost your CPU speedable support multitasking. Leave a comment below for enquires and questions and share.

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