Facebook to use Disputed Tag to Combat fake News

One of the top leading social platform is Facebook and this is also a platform where we can get latest happenings around the Globe through Facebook pages and pages feeds. But their are certain thing to be checked regarding posts of Facebook users and organisation using Facebook pages because the wide spread of fake news is now the order of the day and Facebook has now added a new feature to combact it.

With the use of "disputed tags" you can help Facebook track down a false or fake news with the tag "disputed" to keep Facebook free from falsely spread of fake news which can put people into chaos and destabilize a state of human mind.

Here is the Details from Forbes as regards to combating Facebook fake news..

Back in December 2016, Facebook said that it would bury fake news articles and label them as hoaxes in the News Feed. Facebook also made it easier to report a hoax if you see one in the News Feed by clicking on the upper right-hand corner of a post and tapping on “It’s a fake news story.” After a story is flagged as disputed, it will be reviewed by the third-party fact-checkers. And if it has been proven to be a fake news story, then the post cannot be turned into an ad or promoted.

Facebook is also compiling a list of website domains that have been notorious for posting fake news so that it is automatically flagged.

Former President Barack Obama also acknowledged that the spread of fake news on Facebook became a major problem during Hillary Clinton's campaign trail. “The way campaigns have unfolded, we just start accepting crazy stuff as normal. And people, if they just repeat attacks enough and outright lies over and over again, as long as it's on Facebook and people can see it, as long as it's on social media, people start believing it. And it creates this dust cloud of nonsense,” said Obama during a Hillary for America rally in Ann Arbor last year.

Initially, Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg was skeptical that the spread of fake news on the social network could have influenced the election. During an interview at the Techonomy conference in November 2016, Zuckerberg said that it was a "pretty crazy idea." But about a month later, he published a Facebook status that said: "While we don't write the news stories you read and share, we also recognize we're more than just a distributor of news. We're a new kind of platform for public discourse -- and that means we have a new kind of responsibility to enable people to have the most meaningful conversations, and to build a space where people can be informed."

When Will I See The Facebook Post Disputes?

Facebook posts that have been flagged as disputes are not appearing for everyone yet. It seems like Facebook is rolling out the feature over time. Most likely, every Facebook user should see this feature appear in the coming weeks.

Now you can fag a news with the disputed tag to get Facebook quickly notified and trace to crackdown the "fake story" to keep Facebook more clean and free from news that was never true. Haven know that, Do you think it is the right step to combat fake news on Facebook? Your opinion.

Ref: Forbes

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