How to Factory Reset iPhone without Passcode

You can as well factory reset your iPhone without any form of using a Passcode. For those who had once used a Passcode to Lock their iPhone to way off accessibility of others in using their iPhone.

One major disadvantage of this is that it wipes or clears off the data stored on the iPhone but with a backup, You have Got your Grooves back in No time Because all will be Restored Back to Normal.

This article comprises of various ways to Factory Resetting your iPhone without a passcode. These method needs a PC to work well. Follow the procedure to factory reset Your iPhone without PassCode.


First, the iPhone should be in Recovery Mode and Restores with iTunes:

if your trying to connect, you will get a message written “iTunes could not connect with your iPhone because it is locked with a passcode”. Now take note of the below steps snd follow gradually to reset your iPhone

✔ You need to Download the RecBoot tool.

✔ Establish a Connection between  your iPhone and PC and launch RecBoot.

✔ Never forget to Click Enter Recovery to put the device in recovery mode on your iPhone Device.

The data will Auto Detection of  iTunes with the device in this mode.

✔ Press Ok Button, then choose Restore to reset the iPhone Device.

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Reset iPhone without passcode using iTunes backup: 

Here are the steps you need to follow to Reset using Backup on iTunes

✔ Connect the device to a PC and wait for the device to sync with your PC.

✔ Every Data on the Device will be saved on the PC.

✔ Select from  the list Restore option on iTunes. The device will boot after the reset is complete.

NOTE: this will only work if you connect to a computer that was previously trusted or Previous Used for the Same task.

Reset iPhone without passcode from iCloud: 

This is quite easy. You can remotely wipe your device using iCloud. Also you can mark it as lost. This would brick the device. But then, if all you want to do is to reset the device, you need an internet connection and a PC. You must have installed and activated Find My IPhone for this method to work. Here’s what to do:

✔ Open iCloud on your PC wab Browser like Mozilla firefox.

✔ Inputs Your login Details like username and password.

✔ After logging in,  check among all devices connected to your account to locate the current Device you need to unlock.

✔ Select From the List Erase Operation for that Device you want to unlock.

✔ Start a restore operation for the device you just erased. Depending on the size of your backup, this might take a while.

✔ After Complete Restored Process, You can Set a New Passcode on Your iPhone.

Select DFU mode from your iPhone and restore it through iTunes:

When you first connect your device to iTunes on your PC, you will get a message on the Device “iTunes can’t connect to iPhone because the passcode is applied. Enter the passcode so that it can connect to iTunes”. To Resolve this, Select DFU mode, then do the following:

✔ Connect the iPhone to PC and Open iTunes.

✔ Samultaneously Hold the Sleep Button and Home Button together for atleast 10 Seconds.

✔ Wait for Some Minutes to Get this message “iTunes has detected an iPhone in recovery mode”

✔ Choose OK and Restore to Start all the restoring process.

I Hope You Have Seen the Important Thing you Need to Take Into cognisance the Need to Backup Your Device And Sync your iPhone to iTunes. This Methods above without Doubts wipes all your Data But with a Backup, You will get all Tue Data Restored back to your iPhone.

Spybaze Blog is not Responsible for Whatever that happens or if you Jail Break Your iPhone. There we suggest you should be Familiar with  all necessary measures on your I phones before embarking with these Methods.

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