New Method To Change Non-MTK Device IMEI without Bricking

Today I have decided to compose this article for those who are using Non-MTK Smartphone and want to change IMEI without Bricking their Smartphone. Non-MTK Devices has 90% Threat by changing their imei which may Leeds to bricking or malfunctioning of the Non- MTK. This New Method will guide you on how to Change Your Non-MTK Device IMEI without Bricking as you will Get Every Detail to Tweak IMEI with this safest method.

Reasons Why People Change Their Smartphones IMEI

✔ An IMEI signify an identification Number for every device, It help ISP (Internet Service Provider to know what type of Device a user is using and Some Bonus that maybe attached to such Device.

✔ It helps to Hide you Ass that is Make your Device Anonymous to Enjoy some Benefit after you Tweaked your Device.

✔ Entitle to Some Promo Bonus which may be for Old Smartphones but with IMEI Tweaking you will activate yours.

Never be afraid of Tweaking Your Device, though I share a complete Guide on What is Rooting, Advantages and Disadvantages of Rooting which makes MTK Device be able to Change their IMEI.

Please Note: it not compulsory you root your device before tweaking your imel. You can tweak easily and risk-free without rooting. yeah! yeah!! It is Stated clear.

How To Change Non-MTK Device Like itel, HTC, Samsung Device imel

1. Download this app Shortcut master Apk file Here.

2. Launch the App and tap the display screen for a Drop down MENU

3. From the Options Display, Select "Code Explorer"

4. Select Engineering Mode or You can use Number to identify it. Check for the Word "Engineer" -User2rootReciever and a MENU will be Display. When Display Launch type, Click on LAUNCH0.

5. From the Display MENU, Select Setimei by Navigating to the Left hand side and this bring up another MENU

3. From the options in menu, select Secret Code Explorer

4. Now Engineering mode, or you can check for numbers under it, just carefully check for anything that contains the word "engineer" User2rootReceiver and other menus will pop up. If it pop-out launch type, then select Launch0

5. From the Menu that shows up, navigate to the left side and select Setimei to bring up another menu then select launch to display the 2 default IMEI of the Non-MTK device.

6. Not able to find the above options, Check and you will See TELEPHONY, Scroll Down to Select SET-IMEL.

7. Select any of the Phone IMEI's and Replace with the New IMEI but Remember to Write Your Original IMEI down and keep it safe.

8. To Make the New IMEI Effective, Click on Set imel then Reboot your Device.

Congratulations!! You just Change Your Non-MTK and this works for itel, Samsung, HTC e.t.c

Remember this is Not Rooting so You Don't Have Anything to lose, Make sure you Backup your original Non-MTK Device IMEI

Make sure you follow the Guildlines well without Doubt you will be able to change Your Non-MTK device without stress.

If you find this helpful or if it work for you, Comment to share your experience with other Spybaze Readers.

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