How to Fix Slow charging on Your Android/ iOS Device

For you experience slow battery charging on your Smartphones like Infinix, itel, tecno, Samsung or any another device? I will give you some basic tips to acceralete the charging rate of your device, so let's get down the hook. A newly purchase smartphone like Tecno and Infinix Don't Take longer hours to charge at full battery like when it is between 20-30% at most it may takes close to an hour or an hour due to the healthy state of the battery.

The difference has been the case nowadays, Some Tecno, Infinix and Samsung products do takes like 4-5 hours to charge at full capacity which is very terrible waiting such a longer hour before being fully charged.

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Attributed Causes of Tecno/Infinix/Samsung Slow Charging

There are four major cause of Slow charging on these Smartphones which is either hardware malfunction, battery, cable cord or the Charger. Having know that here are 7 tips to increase the charging rate of these smartphones which it will be discussed below

How to Fix Slow charging on Your Android/

iOS Device

Close/End all the applications that are
running: Leaving apps running or background apps running can greatly slows down charging speed of your smartphone and of cause Leeds to longer time to get your phone at full battery. Simply Clear all background apps or Turn of Data when charging. This may just solve the glitch.

off Bluetooth, WiFi and GPS: By turning off Bluetooth, GPS and WiFi will go along way to increase charging speed on your Device

Get A New Charging Cable: You can as well solve Slow charging on your android Device by changing or Replacing Your Cable as may cases reported for slow charging is due to poor micro-USB to USB cable. These Cable becomes weakened day by day and reduce their effectiveness and efficiency to provide current supply charge to Smartphones Devices.

Avoid Using Your Mobile Phones when in Charge: you have to keep away from yoyr smartphone when plugged to the power supply of it to charge in shorter time. Opersting yoyr smartphone when plugged reduce the acceleratio. Of charging and can also leed to overheating. Staying away from the smartphone makes the battery still in good shape.

On Airplane Mode: Turning ON Airplane mode is as good as switching off your device which will greatly speed up your charging rate, although doing so will hinder many things in term of internet connectivity and calls which you can't do any of them except you off the Airplane Mode.

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Avoid Charging From Powerbanks,
Laptops or PC: You are guilty or this or not? We sometimes do plug our smartphones to PC, Powerbanks snd of a truth, this weakens the strength snd ladting capacity of the battery most especially power banks if it is has a low voltage unit and poor mAh capacity  Most smartphone users. The USB ports on your laptops/PCs are
meant for transferring data, as they have
little current for your phone as compared
to the phone charger.

Current Output of USB Ports.USB 2.0 can provide up to 500mAUSB 3.0 can provide up to 900mA

we advise you to connect your device to a
USB 3.0 (blue) port. So you should be careful the way you plug your phone to Other Devices using USB Cable.

Replace Your Battery : After trying the above tips to increase the charging speed on your infinix, Tecno and other smartphones but proof abortive or if confirm it is not a hardware issue after contacting a Calcare, then the best option is to change or replace your battery by purchasing a new one and make sure it is fully charging before using at full capacity.

With these 7 Tips on How to vfix slow charging on Android like Tecno, infinx, itel, Samsung you can boost your battery life span and makes it more healthier.

Hope this article is useful, For enquires and Questions, Drop your comments Below.

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