Check Out Apps You Should Never Install On Your Android Device

There are some sort of Android App you should not installed on your Android Device because such app are bound to cause your smartphones series of problem and then you will be left in the midst of shadows why your phone is misbehaving even if you don't have ideas of what you did wrong when installing or in-use of your android Device.

By Default, Your Smartphone Doesn't Allow installation from Other source just to Ensure you are in safe hands when installing Android Apps. We have notable Store of App like play store for Android and Appstore for Device with iOS which Google recommended as A safe Store to install any kind of App.

Some app may misbehave on your Android device due to licence verification and also others if not properly installed. So here I am fully Giving you some basic hints on Apps you should never install on your Android Phone.

From my observations, these kind of apps below have proven very difficult to manage and if not attended to quickly, it might led to further damage, so Read along as you check our apps you should never install on your Android Device.

 Apps You Should Uninstall From Your Android Device

Auto-start Apps : if you will notice, before you start using your android device immediately  after Power up, Some Auto start apps will start Running on Your Android and Even disrupt Display when operating it. Such kind of Apps often consumes your RAM and gradually Damaging your Smartphone, Always Check the advantages and the disadvantages of using such app before installing and You can uninstall such app by Dragging it to 'App info' or Go to Settings>> App and choose any to uninstall.

 ✔ Apps with Ad: Yeah this is another sort of App you should not install on your Android Device because it usually makes your phone laggs and Runs poorly and as well slow up the speed of your Android Device. This in my Recent encounter is an App I installed recently on Tecno Y4  named "File Manager" and this is different from the Default file manager you know, this app won't appear as installed app but will keep piping up ads when ever you are using your android phone which most Android user may have unknowly installed without knowing it the app that is bring such pop up ads. You can uninstall such app by going to App Manager and Check "Running Apps" you never know about.

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 ✔ launcher: Navigation around your phone is important so you will need the Launchers to make your Smartphone Neat and easily navigated. But do you usually check what launcher best suite your Android Device or compactiveness because some Android Launcher are Poorly built and this intend turns to make your phone Lagging without knowing the Root of the cause for such. Whenever such I'd notice, it is expected to Uninstall such kind olauncher and Download the ones that best suite your Android phone which is on playstore. You can uninstall such app by Dragging it to 'App info' or Go to Settings>> App and choose any to uninstall. I will always recommend in-built mobile Launcher cos it always the best.

✔  High RAM Usage App: This also cause a very serious threat to your Phones because it will make your phone to Slow Down, Lagging, Malfunction and other attributed cause. One of such consuming Phone RAM is Android Games with large file size because the more you use such app the more it consumes storage space and RAM, VPN also cause Phone to Run slowing and eats up Your Android Device RAM, You can uninstall such app by Dragging it to 'App info' or Go to Settings>> App and choose any to uninstall.

 Hope this Article helps, so Check out Apps You should never install on your Android Device Now to make free your Phone from Gradually Damage.

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