How To Get Google AdSense Approval For Your Blog 2017

When we are to mention best Paying Platform for monetizing Blogs then Google AdSense is just the Best because of their PPC (pay per click rate) and Honestly most blogs prefer using Google AdSense because it has really help and Always Accurate in Paying AdSense publishers without default.

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Google AdSense has been a long serving and reliable that why most bloggers uses Google AdSense to monetize their content and this has been one major source of Income. Google has Review Their AdSense Policy which if not been followed, you will keep getting Disapproval message or Get banned for Life. So Are you the shoe of Getting Google AdSense Disapproval message whenever you apply? Well this will be over ones you follow this guidelines am going to share you to Get Google AdSense Approval for Your Blog.

Many People makes mistakes thinking Google AdSense is a Get Rich Quick Programme which the Furiously Created A blog and within A month start Thinking of How to Get Google AdSense For their Blogs.. Why Many Bloggers fails is the inability to know the Right Audience and Get to know what they love best. Blogging is all about passion so when you rush in thinking you are go to make "waves" just to get quick money, you will be frustrating to see how you keep getting disapproval message because you are not blogging it Right.

In Getting Google AdSense Approval for Your Blog, You should abide by these guidelines and you will see how things will work and stay put the way you want it, this will  guide on how to Get AdSense Approval, Verification to start Showing Google AdSense Ads on your Blog.

Google AdSense Approval Tips 2017

Blog and Site Design

Considering one of the important things to do before Google approves you is that your blog or site Design should be neat, Use a Responsive Template which users or Readers can easily navigate. Ensure you complete all necessary design for your blog or website and never leave a stone unturn till you are through because Google AdSense teams will access the your Design of your blog or website and see how readers find it Easily navigable. In simple terms, Use simple Design for your blog.

Create About Us | Contact Us | Privacy Policy For Your Blog

This is very Essential too because Google will want to know what your Blog is all about and How information on your Blog serves Readers Right. The About us page should be written by you, don't for once copy from any blog, your own words are needed so to let Google and your blog readers to know more about your blog and what information are expected from your blog so as it relates to your blog. Contact us page too should be well documented so that Google can verify your ownership and also Readers of your blog Can contact you You incase they see any useful information on your blog and want to enquire more about it. For privacy policy page to know Google rules and regulation, You can create one here.

Get A Top Domain Name.
Get A Good Domain Name

Yeah this states that you are a very serious type and you want the best for your blog because a Domain name natters a lot which every bloggers should have. So to get a Domain name you can buy one from Godaddy, Namecheap, whogohost. Example. If your Domain name is or, you need to change to, .net, .org, .info,, .com.GH e.t.c order to get Google AdSense Approval for Your Blog or website.

What Should Be My Traffic Stats

Google don't mention any specific number of Traffic for Blog before getting google AdSense approval. So ensure you are getting a quite numbers of traffic to your blog and you will have a higher percentage of getting google AdSense approval.

What Should Be My Numbers of Post

This is an important thing to consider in getting Google AdSense approval. It is recommended to have at least  post 50 and above and that not just it alone, ensure it is plagiarism free and atleast each POST should be  350words upwards because Google dislike Copied contents and materials and this can make your blog blacklisted. Remove other ads Running on Your blog too before applying for Google AdSense

Add Your Blog/website To Google Search Console, Bing and Yahoo 

Add your blog or website to Google search console, yahoo or Bing if you what to get quite some good numbers of traffic to your blog

For You to add your Blog to various search Engines like Google Search console Enter your blog URL Correctly and verify by

1.  uploading an HTML file to the root of your Website
2. Adding an HTML tag in the head section of your blog
3. Adding a CNAME record to the DNS
4. Google Analytics account.
5. Verify using your Google tag manager account.


Set up Robot.txt file for your
Blog because it makes Google crawls and index your blog post normally.  Easy build your Blog traffic and fix crawl errors.

If you follow this Guides, sure you will be smiling soon as you will Get Google AdSense Forvyour Blog within  1 -  2 Days makes your your follow and Read about AdSense Policy not to be a victim of AdSense Ban

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