How To Make $100 or More on Facebook Daily

Negligence is a terrible thing which stake the mind out to useful and important things that could change someone's life forever and wants to be part of your successful life atleast a step further. On a serious Note, You sit down to chat with friends on Facebook for hours and Nothing important you realized you have discussed, why wasting time when you can use that previous time to make more money. Ask Bill Gate what he use his time for in his youthful days and what you will realize may shock you. Anyway I am full going to Discuss how to make 100$ or More daily on Facebook (Spybaze Wealth Building class) but everything falls on your seriousness and dedication with a lot of determination. Let Ride on Spyblazers

Do you Know Facebook is the third most visited website in the world. Many people opens Facebook for pleasure, others for gaining Audience, Work or Organisation, Advertisement to name a few but I am focus to show you how to make $100 or more on Facebook. Yeah it sounds cool I guess but nothing good comes easy.

Now follow me bit by bit on Spybaze wealth Building Class as I explain to you how to get started and How to make your first income on facebook.

Login to and create a new Facebook account. Note: it must not be New as necessary but a need to change Gender or Still yet you can use your Popular Facebook account with lots of Active friend and followers

But as Recommended, Using a new Facebook account with a female profile of a very beautiful & Pretty Lady will be okay, this is just to attract more friends request and Active friends because females account are mostly lively than male. You can use a Sexy female picture of either a friend or colleague but the profile should be attractive. Upload up to 5 or more pix of such person to make it look Real.

ALSO NOTE: Use Attractive Names and most important don't use your phone number to verify your Account, verify with an Email Account. Edit all the profile Information and you can as well choose Advertiser as a Work because it is Related to the purpose of creating the Account

You can start Adding friend both males and females and request keep flowing in as their friends will also want to know more about the You but don't Request more than usual to avoid Facebook policy violation. If you have a popular Facebook account this step is not needed. For New Account, your level of commitment can fetch you 5000 friends within Days because you have to Goals in mind.

This step Requires 2 ways, You can turn your Facebook Account to a Facebook fanpage or create a Facebook page if you don't want to convert your personal account to a fanpage.

In converting a personal Facebook account to fanpage (search tutorial on Google for Guidance). In creating a Facebook page, Select Brand/Product for the purpose of this.

For Instance
>> Best home furniture below $25

>> Safe Electric Cooker For Organizations

You will then upload a very clear images for your Page to tell more about your product and also attract more likes.
If you have popular Facebook page for Brand/Product you can skip this step.

Register on and You will be required to fill your Personal information, Bank Details and Address

There are three Options people are Using

>> People who create and sell Products (vendors)

>> People who buy Products from clickbank (Customers)

>> Peopke who promote the links of Products on Clickbank to their websites or Facebook Page (Affiliates)

With the list above, you are working as Affiliate Agent to promote product on click bank for more sales and you will be rewarded  with high Commission. Earn when someone buys with your Link.

NOTE: The Products you will be promoting must be related to the title of your Fan Page.

How You Earn On Clickbank Through Facebook or Other Social Platforms

A purchase of Product sold through clickbank will attract 50%-80% Commission on any product sold.
Example,  if the product is $200 and commission is 80% you will earn $80 just for that Same product. No Stress, Just share that link on popular Forums or related niche Facebook fanpage or other platforms and wait to see how your income grows. As soon as someone purchases from your link, the commission will be credited to your account and you can request to withdraw it anytime through cheque or bank transfer. Bank transfer requires a minimum of $100 and you can share this link to friends who love to purchase online.

The next step is to generate Links to promote via social networks and this can be done after creating clickbank Account, just go to to see all the products being sold on clickbank.

Tap on "find product search bar" and Enter a keyword of the product best known to you that you can make sales from it

Now click "Promote"  and You will
and Be required to Enter a Name, You can choose a Nickname and click "Create" to generate your Affiliate link on the popup window

Another window will display showing HopLink URL in the first box and in the second box is the HTML code. The first is the one you need while the HTML is for webmasters and web owners and this is when you can start sharing the links with the product short details to facebook fanpage, Marketing platform on Facebook and other social Platforms or forums..

Don't just post to Facebook fanpage and other social platform to expect a miracle latter but engage your Audience about the product and make sure you are aware of any vital information about the product when asked, the more active audience you have , the more your sales.

This Is how to make $100 or more on Facebook using clickbank.. Watch closely as we unleash many more online platform to make money online.. Ask questions and share this post to  others.

Unfortunately, this marketing platform for making money online is excluded in some countries.. Find out more @

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